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"Engineering Inventions: focusing men....environment....future!"  
Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier Self Closing Flood Barrier Rotating Floating Airport Oil Recovery Vessel    

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Cockermouth UK, the big flood in 2009

Destroyed city in Japan by the tsunami in 2011

 Oil spill in the Golf of Mexico

 Airports in densely populated areas

 We are focused on worldwide disasters and using the power of water in our solutions


Mr. Johann H.R. van den Noort shows the model of the TWTB


The Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier received in 2013 the Silver Edison Award for one of the best inventions in the world


Official member of the Dutch Association of Inventors



“Our break-through inventions have in common to exploit the power of water translated into innovative and cost effective solutions to serve and protect strategic urban and commercial areas”.

Over the years we have built tremendous expertise in engineering state-of-the-art inventions, for which we invite qualified parties and partners to market and/or to build such revolutionary devices like the rewarded Flood Barrier, the Oil Recovery Vessel, the Floating Rotating Airport, the Water Turbine and most recently the Tsunami Flood Barrier. Our partners operate on a royalty basis and hence share our expertise and are fully assisted in field research, preparation and project development whenever desired. More.

New!! The Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier

Latest and most desired invention – the Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier
The latest tsunami’s  at 26 December 2004 in Asia and 11 March 2011 at the coast of Japan triggered an urgent challenge to bring about a barrier concept capable to effectively break down, neutralize and exploit the impact of such devastating waves once reaching urban, residential and/or strategic economic coastal areas. We are very proud to have been able to create an instantly and automatically self-erecting non blocking marine Barrier which does not depend on any connection to an alert system. More.

"Engineering Inventions: focusing men....environment....future!

Infringe our Patents
All our inventions are protected by patents and or applications .
According to our findings it seems that other specific parties are intending to or in the process to infringe our patents without our explicit and written approval and this would leave us no other solution but to bring such infringements to court.

How to stop an Oil Spill within days.
(Alternative Response Technology)

BP oil spill Gulf of Mexico

We design an alternative for the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Read more how to to stop a oil spill within a few days. More

Alternative for Schiphol in the North Sea

Transport of people and cargo by air has grown more than anticipated. Most airports are situated near densely populated areas limiting the needed expansion to meet future demand. We have designed a Rotating Floating Airport as an alternative for Schiphol in the North Sea. More