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        Recieved Awards
  year Invention Award
  1996 Flood Barrier The Golden Medal for the best Civil Technical Invention in the world in 1996 by the Salon International de Inventions.
  1996 Flood Barrier Awarded for the best suggested "solution to a real problem connected with improvements of conditions of society"by Recherche Centre Battele in Geneve.
  1996 Flood Barrier Awarded as the most original and creative developmemnt plan for "Civil Engineering, Public Works and Constructions"by the Prinsdom of Monaco.
  1996 Flood Barrier Nominated for the best invention in the Netherlands in 1996.
  2000 Flood Barrier Awarded with a bronze medal for construction at the Inpexschow 2000 at Pittsburg, Pa, USA.
  2000 Flood Barrier Nominated for the National Dutch Millennium 2000 Award.
  2001 Oil Recovery Vessel InfraTech-Innovation award 2001
  2012 Tsunami Barrier Wall Street Journal technological Innovation Award
  2013 Tsunami Barrier Edison Award (Silver)
  2014   Business Award "(service and industrie) City of Kampen, The Netherlands