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Town in Japan before the

At 11 March 2011 a tsunami hit the east coast of Japan

 The devastation after the tsunami

 The Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier the ultimate solution to protect cities an towns for tsunami's

 Example of the coast protection by the Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier

Twin-Wing Tsunami Barrier

Side view of the Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier

The Twin-Wing Tsunami Flood Barrier (TWSB) has been developed in order to disrupt and neutralize the tsunami flood wave, in both its negative and positive occurrence.

In its resting position, the barrier wings lie horizontal on the sea bed ready to swing up like a wall from their foundations as soon as the coastal waters retreat (negative tsunami) or, from the occurrence of a direct positive tsunami have hit.

On either side of the foundation, the barrier wing is instantly pushed up into a vertical position through the spoiler when a sudden, strong upcoming onshore or offshore ground stream starts to emerge. The barriers will always remain in their horizontal positions during normal flood and high tides. As the barrier wing is brought into its vertical position, it closes off the shore water effectively barring the flood wave. In a positive tsunami run, the wave will be reflected back to the ocean. When there will be an overflow of flood water which will surge towards the shore, the speed of its movement will be greatly impaired by the unmoved coastal water mass which has been blocked by the barrier. The wave impact is thereby neutralized by the stalled coastal water body. Through its strong hinges, the barrier wings swing back and forth from their vertical to their horizontal positions.

The Twing Wing Tsunami Barrier is winner of the Wall Street Journal Technical Innovation Award in 2012 and the Edison Silver Award in 2013.

"The Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier, the ultimate, passive tsunami protection solution, as strong as a cliff face"

What is a tsunami

Technical Description

See the TWSB video


The Twin-Wing Tsunami Barrier is Awarded with:


Tsunamis barriers

Existing fixed tsunami barriers are ineffective. They are unable to divert the negative tsunami waves. They cannot deal with the huge waves which simply destroy them. recent tragedies in Asia in 2004 and Japan in 2011 bear witness to this.

Development TWSB

The development of the TWTB took over 5 years. Three groups of students of the technical university HSZ in the Netherlands did all kind of research on Tsunamis. With this we could figure out all the characteristics of negative and positive tsunamis. In the water flow laboratorial of the university we could stimulate tsunami waves and test out models of the tsunami barrier. On the computer we could simulate and calculate the powers of the waves. With all this knowledge we could design at the end the standard TWSB. To apply the TWSB before a coast the standard barrier will be adapt and designed for the specific location. 

Impact of a tsunami

The impact of the TWTB can be tremendous.  This Barrier can save whole cities, urban areas, nuclear power plants and millions of people in the near future for tsunamis. 

Offshore companies
We are actively seeking large scale civil engineering companies with off-shore experience to develop this cutting-edge system. Please contact us to dicuss this opportunity. 

"Engineering Inventions: focusing men....environment....future!"